Austin Ballet presents Alice in Wonderland

I absolutely adore the story of Alice in Wonderland. It is my favorite Disney film and the books are quite enjoyable.  When Austin Ballet announced their upcoming season, I purchased tickets for their mother’s day show immediately. The Costumes I think this is where the production shined its brightest. Liz Vandal carried much of the … More Austin Ballet presents Alice in Wonderland

Repeal Day Party

pro·hi·bi·tion ˌprō(h)əˈbiSH(ə)n/ noun. the prevention by law of the manufacture and sale of alcohol, especially in the US between 1920 and 1933. Prohibition was proposed and supported in an attempt to the end the ills of society–alcoholism, violence, political corruption to name a few.  By 1919, the 18th amendment to the US Constitution was ratified … More Repeal Day Party

At the Contemporary: Monika Sosnowska

We spent the evening in the halls of Monika Sosnowska’s Habitat– the latest exhibit to be presented in the newly reopened Contemporary in downtown Austin.  After an opening reception of wine and tasty treats, we followed Senior curator, Heather Pesanti, on an engaging tour of the space.  While Sosnowska was present, she didn’t speak on her work. Ms. … More At the Contemporary: Monika Sosnowska

A Night at the Opera

A date night with the Austin Opera’s production of The Flying Dutchman.  While we had attended Opera’s abroad when on vacation, tonight was our first trip to our enjoy our local Austin Opera.  I was spurred into action by the particular opera being performed.  I just love gothic romance and the Flying Dutchman is a … More A Night at the Opera

Big Reds & Bubbles

The Food & Wine Foundation of Texas put on their 14th Annual Big Reds & Bubbles event at the breathtakingly beautiful, historic Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. “An assortment of recent vintage and non-vintage champagnes and sparklers, affectionately dubbed “Bubbles” prepare palates to sample a complete range of “Big Reds” from all corners of the … More Big Reds & Bubbles

Halloween Weekend: A Masquerade Dinner & Ball in the Texas Hill Country

For Halloween, we booked a weekend getaway to Fredricksburg.  Texas’s “Wine Country.” We picked our destination for its evening event, but showed up to the winery with a few hours to spare.  Dapper husband donned morning dress and I (sans mask) went for a tasting in my full costume. The Messina Hof winery hosted a … More Halloween Weekend: A Masquerade Dinner & Ball in the Texas Hill Country