Affordable Luxury: Made to Measure Margaux Flats


I like to believe that everyone has shared in that moment of crushing disappointment following the discovery that the pair of shoes they instantly fell in love with were never meant to fit properly or comfortably on their feet. If I can believe that it means there is a world of people out there that understand me– it’s comforting not to be alone in this tragedy.

An obvious answer to this dilemma of the ill-fitted shoe is custom, made-to-measure footwear, but that sounds incredibly pricey and perhaps not within the average shoe budget.

Enter: Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 12.34.01 PM

The company was founded in 2015 and offers beautifully made classic styles in chic colors with quality materials, and if you have those difficult to fit feet, they can be made to measure. At the time of this post, the made-to-measure cost is $275. Which might not be the cheapest pair of lovely suede ballerina flats you can buy but is a reasonably affordable price for the luxury of made to measure shoes.



To help you get your shoe fit just right, they offer a measuring kit that essentially costs $10 (the $285 price tag includes the cost of a pair of shoes). I ordered one before ordering my shoes. It gave helpful instructions on how to measure my feet and all the tools I needed. It is worth noting that measuring your own foot seems extremely difficult and the process goes much better if you have a friend to help.

Once my shoes were shipped, one of their fit specialists reached out to me via email.

“Our priority is finding you the perfect pair, and we will gladly make any adjustments until we get your shoes just right”

Despite my best effort measuring my feet, when my shoes came in, they were a tad too large. I took pictures of the gaps and described the slipping I felt at my heel in an email to the fit specialist. They handled it quickly (and apologetically); without any difficulty, I sent back the pair of shoes and had an adjusted pair sent to my door with very little delay. The second pair fit just right.


I have had my shoes for a year now. They are extremely comfortable and very well made. They were my go to shoes while I was on vacation this past winter in Budapest- where I attempted to climb up a hill in the woods– leather soles do not grip dead leaves and slippery dirt. The shoes survived it all and with very little fuss continue to serve as the finishing touch for a number of my outfits and I still collect the occasional compliment and all too casual, “where did you get those?”


Closing Thoughts

With a fantastic color section, comfortable fit, classic styles, and excellent customer service, my Margaux flats have been a great investment– and that might be what you need to think of them as before parting with nearly $300, but for me, it’s been worth every penny.


** I am not affiliated with Margaux in any way. I’m just a happy customer wanting to share this awesome experience and fantastic find with you!


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