How the Stylebook Closet App Transformed my Wardrobe

After my initial closet purge, I started keeping track of my wardrobe with The Stylebook Closet App*.  The app has become an indispensable tool in curating my dream wardrobe and managing my closet.


At home, the Stylebook Closet app has helped me to…

  1. Declutter my closet
    As I’ve committed to putting all my clothing into the Stylebook Closet app, occasionally I’ll find that “no, that blouse doesn’t actually go very well with anything.” If I feel unsure about disposal, I’ll move the item into a “to be removed” category and take it out of my closet. A few weeks later, I’ll come back and if nothing’s change (I haven’t suddenly needed it or used it), I’ll find it a new home and delete it from the app.
  2. Identify unique combinations and ensure I’m not wearing the same thing every day.
    The ability to create different “looks” or outfits in the app helped me see just how many different combinations I could make out of my closet’s contents. In combination with the calendar, I could easily log what look I wore each day. Doing so let me get a great snapshot of my month. Which outfits did I wear most? Did I just use that skirt yesterday? With this information, I can make sure I’m not just rotating (and getting tired of) the same five outfits every week.
  3. Help me understand how more expensive pieces can be financially beneficial
    Choosing to maintain a smaller wardrobe often goes hand in hand with buying quality pieces which cost more but should last longer and with the “cost per wear” calculator you can see just how much value you’re getting out of your more expensive pieces (sometimes they cost less per wear than the more affordable clothing that doesn’t last as long!).

While out shopping, the Stylebook Closet app has helped me too…

  1. Stop the purchase of items that don’t contribute to my overall wardrobe
    The ability to see the contents of my closet on the go has stopped me more than once from making a purchase on a whim that would later prove to be a deviation from the rest of my closet. I enjoy a number of different “looks,” but reining it my tastes (such as enjoying that bohemian dress from afar) lets me have a cohesive wardrobe and a signature style.
  2. Stop the purchase of items that weren’t really at the top of my “Want List”
    I created a section for “inspiration” in my Stylebook Closet App that’s simply a wishlist of items. If I find myself in a dressing room contemplate a purchase, I will sometimes take a look at my wishlist and ask myself, “Does what I’m wearing contribute more to my wardrobe than the item(s) on my wishlist?” Most of the time the answer is “no.” Though occasionally, happy accidents happen and I find an even better option than my saved wishlist.img_1853
  3. Stop the purchase of duplicates
    There have been a few times I’m trying on a skirt only to find when I take a look at my app I own something that is for all intents and purposes: identical. The Stylebook Closet app has stopped me from those “duplicate” items. If a piece of clothing does the same job as something already in my closet, it can’t possibly serve much of a purpose. At that point, it needs to be a better choice (aka a replacement) or put back for someone else to discover and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

It takes quite a bit of work to get your entire wardrobe into the app. I was lucky in that I started using the app while I started building my wardrobe (after I had tossed much of what I owned) so simply adding pieces as I purchased them made it quite manageable.  Whether it’s at home or while I’m out shopping, I am loving the app! You can get more details on the official website here.

Tip for anyone getting started: I love to take the pictures off the website where I bought and item instead of taking my own for the initial addition to the app. It keeps them all looking pretty professional!

Do you use the Stylebook Closet app? How has it affected your closet? And if not, do you plan to?

*Please note that I have not been paid or asked to endorse this app in any way. I simply want to share it what I love!


6 thoughts on “How the Stylebook Closet App Transformed my Wardrobe

    1. Hi Amy!
      Thank you for the taking a moment to leave a note. I checked out your site– it’s beautiful! I love your “how to wear” guides. I hope the want list serves you well!
      All the best,


  1. I love the app! I’ve been using it for over a year now. I love fashion, but I’m also a “data junky,” so the stats section is my favorite. When deciding what to wear I like to pick something from my “least worn” section and see if I can style an outfit around it that I love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Crystal,
      I love the idea of using the “least worn” section to inspire outfits. What a good way to ensure you’re using all the pieces in your wardrobe.
      Thank you for the great tip!


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