What We Watch: Poirot

The neatness of his attire was almost incredible; I believe a speck of dust would have caused him more pain than a bullet wound. Yet this quaint dandified little man who, I was sorry to see, now limped badly, had been in his time one of the most celebrated members of the Belgian police

-Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie’s eccentric private investigator, Hercule Poirot, is brought to life for 13 series by David Suchet in the UK crime drama aptly titled Agatha Christie’s Poirot.poirot1

Every episode was based on one of Agatha Christie’s novels or short stories starring the famously talented (and fictional) detective. I greatly enjoy the self-contained episode format. While the characters do develop through the series, it’s really a consequence of getting to know them through so many adventures. This is not a show that builds to unfathomable levels to shock the audience with bigger and bigger crimes each season.  On the contrary, each episode presents a crime or sets the scene for a crime (which always seems to happen early on) and the remainder of the episode follows our hero through the investigation. I’ll admit it now, dapper husband and I love to try and guess who the guilty individual is.

In addition to adorable characters (I am quite a fan of Poirot’s sidekick, Captain Hastings), the sets and costumes are thoroughly enjoyable.  Just check out this ensemble donned by Poirot:


How very dapper!

With 70 episodes, it’s a series you can dive into and enjoy for months.

Where to find it:

A few of the series are available on Netflix for streaming. Additionally, if you have the add-on subscription to Acorn TV on Amazon you can get some of the later seasons (I do not believe 1-6 is available at this time).

Or you can go the path that dapper husband and I did. With knowing it was a show we would want to watch again in the future, we grabbed the discsimg_0750


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