Goodness Gracious!

Gracious: A Practical Primer on Charm, Tact, and Unsinkable Strength by New York Times bestselling author, Kelly Williams Brown published by Rodale Books (April 4th, 2017).

The Art of the Southern Insult

He’s trying to hard = Any reasonably intelligent person would not be struggling with this…

Kelly Williams Brown is smart, witty and absolutely entertaining in her latest book. You’ll find a new way to articulate the idea of “graciousness,” how to do so in the modern world of social media, how to handle yourself with unpleasant people, self-care (are we not always hardest on ourselves?), being a gracious host and more.

As I read the book, I felt as though Ms. Brown was my older sister handing out some life advice she learned in her few extra years on this Earth. She’ll tell you exactly how to go about being a lady in the most realistic and practical way possible with a little bit of youthful spunk. The quality that makes this unlike other etiquette books you’ve read: Kelly’s charm. She speaks casually bouncing about with a bit of advice, anecdotes, and jokes. It goes beyond the rules of etiquette exploring what is at the heart of kind, gracious people and their actions.

A “Primer” is a good description of the book as I found it lightly touched on subjects I’ve read great deal more about (for instance, I’ve picked up books dedicated in their entirety to the art of being a good hostess or a good houseguests); if you want a refresher, a young person’s perspective or just some new stories, it is an enjoyable and entertaining read.


Category: Non-fiction, Self Improvement

Recommend: Yes, particularly to young adults


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