A Long Weekend in NYC

Why not take a trip over a long weekend? While I love hopping on a plane and exploring faraway lands, a destination closer to home can be just as fun. For my first visit to the Big Apple, we took a long weekend and packed it full of highlights.

Where to stay?

We stayed in midtown Manhattan near Times Square. It proved to be a convenient location with plenty of touristy spots nearby or within walking distance.

How to get around

NYC is touted as one of the most walkable cities the US. However, we wanted to visit a few places further away like SOHO and decided to get a metro pass.  You can do a single ride ticket is $3.00. If you find yourself planning on buzzing around on the metro quite a bit, you should consider a 7-day unlimited pass for $32.00.

Day 1 – Arts Appreciation

What to Eat
We started the day at Ladurée. While they’re famous for their French macarons, they had adorable tea sandwiches and delicious pastries offered for breakfast too. Of course, we left with a box of macarons for later!

How to spend the day
Take a walk through the beautiful Central Park on your way to see the Frick Collection and then pass the afternoon in the MET.


MET Rooftop Bar


A great spot to finish off the day

A friend recommended, BEA for dinner and what a treat! It’s an adorable bar/restaurant with a few projectors showing off old movies on the walls while serving up one of the best plates of lamb chops I’ve had in a long time– C’est Magnifique!

Day 2 – A Bit of Shopping & an Evening at the Ballet

What to eat

Dominque Ansel
While it’s famous for the cronuts, I had to get an almond croissant (my favorite!). Also, it was absolutely perfect.  There’s a little patio in the back of this SOHO bakery where you can take in the precious little birds that really would love a crumb of your pastry.

Ed’s Lobster Bar
I’m a huge fan of lobster. Show up early as the place is popular and small inside. The sandwich was heavenly with giant chunks of lobster hugged by a buttery bun.

How to spend the day

There are so many areas and places to shop in NYC from the little boutiques around SOHO to the fancy brands off 5th avenue– we really tried to visit them all.


The Everlane Showroom

Evening Entertainment


How about a night at the American Ballet Theater? For a special experience, select a show starring Misty Copeland.  I’ve been dying to see her dance in person and she does not disappoint! While all the dancers performed flawlessly, Misty had the audience captivated from her first plié. I have never seen a ballerina weave a spell of enchantment on an audience the way she did.  To turn it into a full evening, you can make a reservation for the pre-curtain dinner service at The Grand Tier. The food was impeccable and it’s quite fun to watch everyone trickle in for the show while finishing up dessert or a glass of wine.

Day 3 – The Library & Broadway

What to eat
Bibble and Sip is a local bakery and coffee shop featuring Japanese inspired flavors (sencha pannacotta anyone?), impeccable style and alpacas. It is extremely hard to select only a single meal from the menu, but I can say the black sesame almond croissant is definitely a good choice!


How to spend the day


Bryant Park


I love libraries! After a peaceful stroll through Bryant’s Park, you can find the NY Central Library. It has a beautiful reading room and is definitely worth a little peek.  You can wander back through Bryant’s park to find a nice little sandwich at Bread’s Bakery– I recommend the smoked salmon.

Evening Entertainment

It seems almost criminal to visit NYC and not go to a Broadway show. With so many to enjoy, you’re almost guaranteed to find something for anyone.  We caught a showing of The Great Comet of 1812 at the Imperial Theater. As I like the opera (and yet, am not a huge fan of musicals), it was right up my alley. 100% singing, an interesting use of the theater space and a classic Tolstoy work brought to life.

I greatly enjoyed NYC.  There’s still so much to see and do; I know I’ll be back!


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