Our Curated Closet: Guide to Garment Bags

It’s been a while since Dapper Husband and I have made an improvement or upgrade to our closet. We’ve packed away the fall/winter wardrobe, but we’re still left with a few things we don’t store folded up and out of sight: coats, jackets, and furs so we recently purchased a small pile of:

Garment Bags

What to Look For

The most important thing in selecting a garment bag is the material. Natural fibers that breathe are going to be the best.  Plastic bags can create an atmosphere that encourages mold while wood contains oils that could cause the material to deteriorate.

Other Concerns & the Winner

Of course, I have a color scheme for a closet which ruled out a lot of great options. In the end, we settled on the thick, sturdy 100% unbleached cotton garment bags from the Container Store.  They come in a variety of sizes so I can find one to fit just about everything in my closets that could benefit from such storage and I absolutely love the uniform look.

Products & Sizing

The Cotton Gusseted Coat Bag Natural was long enough to fit my ball gowns and wide enough for one fluffy and sheath dress together.

The Cotton Gusseted Jacket Bag Natural* fit Dapper Husband’s longer coats (such as his tailcoats and evening overcoat) perfectly.

Since we found the Jacket Bag to be a little too long for blazers and actual jackets (we greatly value our “under the jacket space”), we decided on the Natural Cotton Shoulder Covers* for the shorter items.

Lastly, we purchased on of the Natural Cotton Hanging Storage Bags to group together “special wardrobe” items such as our wetsuits (which do not do well folded up) and ski outfits.

*With our wider hangers, we found that the bag most comfortably fits a single jacket or coat.

Finishing Touches

Our last touch on the closet was to add a pretty little tag (I googled wedding tags for inspiration) to each bag! It makes finding what you want in the future a lot easier than unzipping each one to check the contents.


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