Soft Boiled Eggs: Bringing home a little bit of Europe

Dapper Husband and I just returned from our anniversary jaunt through Vienna and Budapest and of all the things to bring home, a love for the soft boiled egg is near the top of my list.

My very french grandmother used to make one for my mother every morning, but as a child, I was a greater fan of french toast and anything else that could be smothered in syrup.

I do love eggs and often make them scrambled, fried and hard boiled but I had never tackled the soft boiled egg until today.

A quick google search returned a number of results.  I followed along with the recipe from which you can find here.  As the recipe mentions, there’s a window for soft boiled eggs depending on how you like them.  I went ahead and made three eggs where each one was boiled for a different length of time: 5, 6 and 7 minutes and here’s what I found out!

The 5 Minute Egg

Result: “A little too soft”

While the yolk was perfectly runny the egg whites were a bit softer than I prefer.

The 7 Minute Egg

Result: “A little too solid”

The egg whites held together a bit more solidly allowing them to be removed in more solid chunks but the consistency felt about the same.  However, the yolk had started the gel near the outer rim which is a bit more firm than my ideal egg.

The 6 Minute Egg

Result: “Just Right”

A perfectly runny yolk and an egg white that is soft but solid!

Bonus Presentation:

I don’t own little egg cups (yet!) but the recipe suggested a regular cup filled with rice to hold the egg in place.  It worked perfectly!  I used a little cappuccino cup from another Vienna event (more on that later) and a spoon from my Thai flatware set.  I small enough spoon is needed for digging out the egg.  Perhaps a small sugar spoon would do if you happen to have one of those.

Guten Appétit!


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