Unbranding Shoe Trees


A number of Dapper Husband’s shoe trees came with his shoes, but I have collected a few pairs from Amazon.  My second order came with a little surprise when I noticed a different logo on the trees.  I decided to keep them as they appeared to be the same product aside from the brass colored logo plate.  However, I inconsistencies can nag and believe things always look better when not awash in logos; I set out to “unbrand” the shoe trees.

Tools Required:

  1. 3-5 minutes per tree pair
  2. Small Phillips head screwdriver
  3. Medium to Fine grain Sandpaper


After unscrewing the plates, you’ll find these little holes left behind.  I took the sandpaper to them to smooth them out most of them filled in with the dust making them nearly invisible.  The finer your sandpaper, the smoother the surface after you’re done.  I grabbed whatever I had lying around the tools closet.

For good measure, I lightly sanded the rest of the tree.  Sanding your shoe trees freshens them up a bit and makes the cedar smell more potent.


I like to save screws, but the rest is off to the recycling center!


You can find these particular shoe trees at amazon.


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