Incorporating Hats & Bow Ties

Quality over quantity, more is less, and a rejection of “fast fashion”

These are ideas that resonate with Dapper husband and me.  I dove in buying a few simple, well made investment pieces, but quickly found  myself wondering where I was in these outfits.  As I would sit in the coffee shop on the weekend and watch the people come and go, I noticed so many were in a uniform.  A uniform very similar to what I had been cultivating and my enthusiasm deflated.  How could I bring a bit of my personality into this style without forsaking those principles?

Once again, I turned to Dapper husband for inspiration.  He transformed his outfits into something beyond a carbon copy of the other men in the room with one little addition: The Bow Tie. It brought personality and a little bit of spark to his presentation.

Bow ties add a certain fun, polished pizzazz to a man’s outfit.  So I went on a search for my equivalent. I settled on fascinators and small hats.  They stir up thoughts of a bygone era and touch of refinement.  They can be a bit fun when adored with a few feathers.

With them being worn so close to your face, I found they can do a lot of enhance the color of your eyes.  Instead of matching the color to your outfit in the exact same shade consider playing with patterns when wearing solids (and vice versa), a color in the family (yellow with orange) or perhaps a complimentary color (I love gold with green and red with blue!).  If you have dark hair, a lighter headpiece shines while a darker piece stands out on golden tresses.

Lastly, here are a few great sources for gorgeous pieces:


Maggie Mowbray Hats



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