Style Transformation


As we moved closer to our wedding, my husband-to-be started devoting a considerable amount of his resources (time, energy and money) to cultivating his personal style.

Husband had started with research.  Many books have been written on the art of men’s dress that discuss cut, fit, pattern matching, and when certain items should be worn e.g. morning dress versus black tie evening attire.  It wasn’t an overnight project.  Package after package seemed to arrive at the house.  For every package that was delivered, there seemed to be something to return. Gems were found though.  The perfect color, a fit just right or tailorable. He adapted the classic rules and guidelines to something a bit more laid back and modern with the patterns he chose, the way he mixed and matched different materials and the overall more tailored than traditional fit. After all, we are a relatively young couple in a fairly casual city.

However, the transformation wasn’t purely decorative.  He started exercises and while always a slim man, his waist still trimmed down and his upper body filled out with sculpted shoulders and built chest to a still slender, but nicely proportioned V-shape.  I dare say it shines underneath the clothing.

It wasn’t enough to sculpt his body and adorn it with a wonderfully crafted wardrobe; he grew out his incredibly low maintenance buzz cut to a classic style showing off his beautiful head of hair.  Now, regular visits to the stylish, a comb, and hair care products litter his side of the bathroom vanity.

I am undoubtedly biased, but a number of comments from loved ones and strangers alike, I realized just how on point his transformation was.

A little story to illustrate: A girlfriend of mine was visiting from out of town.  As is wont to happen, the girls spent some effort getting cute donning new outfits and dresses.  Husband swapped his light colored blazer for a darker evening color.  It matched nicely with his white-collared, striped shirt.  None of us were loud dressers with all of us sporting rather neutral or subdued collar palettes.  We took a short jaunt to dine at a new Italian spot downtown.  Being a little light on the planning side, we ended up at the bar for a good hour before a table was ready.  During which time, a waiter came bouncing out the back to whisper to the bartender before coming up to Husband and stating, “I just had to see your outfit. Very nicely done!” Thirty minutes later after we are seated at our table, the waiter comes up to take our drink orders and dish about the daily specials only to stop before leaves and state to my husband, “Love your outfit! Very dapper.  They were all talking about it in the back. Oh, you ladies look nice too, but seriously, man, awesome.”  At this point, I am swelling with pride because after all, I brought that man with us.  But I dare say my girlfriend was a little disappointed it wasn’t the ladies who were stunning that evening. Nonetheless, what became very apparent to me was the power of personal style and attention to detail.

Watching his journey unfold and witnessing the astounding evolution from laissez faire college clothing to dapper gentleman inspired me to undertake my own style transformation.


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